Breffni Freyne Registered Osteopath

Breffni Freyne B.Sc. (Hons) Osteopathy D.O.
(Registered Osteopath GOsC, M.O.C.I) & Clinic Director

Breffni graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 2002 and subsequently worked in private practice and within GP clinics in England. He then travelled to New Zealand to work, before returning to Ireland to set up Riverview Clinic in 2005.

He has a strong interest in treating sports people, having worked with various rugby teams in New Zealand and in Ireland. Breffni tends to approach treatment from a mechanical stand point and finds the hands on approach of Osteopathy very successful and satisfying. He also enjoys the challenges of treating those suffering from chronic pain conditions and more complex spinal problems.

His practice has set up various clinics to specialise with specific problems:

The Jaw Clinic. Breffni has excellent results treating Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJD. He works with the alignment of the vertebrae in the neck and jaw, as well as with the muscles of the neck and with the TMJ disc that can be replaced in the TMJ joint. This is a gentle, low force technique involving massage of the soft tissue, gentle muscle stretching and specially tailored exercises.

The Foot Clinic. Breffni offers complete mechanical foot care for the entire family, from children, the elderly, athletes and sports enthusiasts, to high risk feet.
A comprehensive biomechanical assessment and treatment is available along with the prescription of custom foot orthothics, where necessary. Orthotics can be very useful in relieving postural pain in the back, hips, knees, legs and feet. Prescription Functional Foot Orthoses are designed to alter the mechanical forces that are applied to the foot and other structures including the knees, hips and back. In altering these forces the practitioner is able to reduce stress on these structures aiding recovery from injury and preventing further injury.

Breffni has keen interest in Medical Acupuncture and has used it with many of his patients. He is fully qualified and completed his studies with the British Medical Acupuncture Association.

He is passionate about getting to the root cause of your problem and assesses postural and other maintaining factors to help prevent further problems. Professional development is key to doing this and Breffni works very hard in keeping up to date current treatments and believes in working alongside other professionals within his clinics.

    Osteopathic Council of Ireland Registered
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